Lenten Regulations for Friday, March 19, 2021

03-15-2021Year of St. Joseph

It’s March 2021, and that means it’s the month dedicated to St. Joseph in this current year dedicated to St. Joseph. And coming up on March 19, it’s the Solemnity of St. Joseph. What does all this mean, in short? It’s time for some feasting.

But wait, you might say. Feasting within Lent? This cannot be so. Yet while it’s true that Lent is typically reserved for fasting, penance and almsgiving, Catholics would be remiss if we didn’t take advantage of the opportunities to rejoice, even during this solemn season.


Now Available: Scriptural Novena to Saint Joseph by The Most Rev. Arthur J. Serratelli, Bishop Emeritus of Paterson

03-13-2021Year of St. Joseph

An invaluable resource for those who want to grow in their knowledge of Saint Joseph and deepen their devotion to him.

Written with deep devotion and respect for Jesus’ earthly father, these nine biblical reflections with accompanying prayers will help you to grow in your knowledge and love of St. Joseph. You, your family, and the Church across the world will be blessed by praying to the holy, humble, just, and trustworthy St. Joseph. He has the power to assist and protect us as he did most perfectly for Mary and their Son, Jesus.


Catholics may obtain a Plenary Indulgence for the Year of Saint Joseph

03-12-2021Year of St. Joseph

Pope Francis has decreed a Year of St. Joseph in which Catholics will have the opportunity to obtain a special Plenary Indulgence.

Plenary Indulgences remit all temporal punishment due to sin. 

To receive a Plenary Indulgence, one must fulfill the following: Be detached from sin, receive sacramental Confession, receive Holy Communion, pray for the intentions of the pope and do any one of the following: