Annual Parish Events

Candlelight Procession Committee

This annual event takes place each October. Watch our website banners for current news on this year's procession.

Contact: Irene Russo 732-752-0547

Blessed Mother Birthday Celebration

This annual event takes place each September. Come recite the Rosary and bring your children to help blow out the candles on the Blessed Mother's birthday cake. Lots of food and fun!

Contact: Cathy Culpepper 732-895-2388

Corpus Christi Procession Committee

This annual event takes place each June. Join us as we process with the Blessed Sacrament through the neighborhood surrounding the parish.

Contact: Irene Russo 732-752-0547

Heritage Day Committee

This annual event takes place each November.

Contact: Roberta Maurer 732-245-9124 or 732-968-5555 ext. 110

Society of Saint George

The Society of Saint George was established to help Our Lady of Fatima Church with three annual events – the Corpus Christi Procession held in June, the Marian Candlelight Procession held in October, and the Heritage Day Mass held in November. Its members, the Knights and Dames of Saint George, are charged with carrying the banners, flags, platform and canopy which form an essential part of these ceremonies. Without their participation such events would not be possible nor would they be as solemn and as beautiful as they are each year.

Anyone 14 years of age and older and physically able to carry a flag or banner may become a Knight or Dame. Those who carry the platform or canopy, however, must be at least 18 years of age. One does not have to be a parishioner of Our Lady of Fatima Parish to become a Knight or Dame nor does one have to participate in all three events each year.

Contact: Roberta Maurer, 732-245-9124 or