August 13 News

08-13-2020PREPSister Alina Marie

Dear Parents:

It is time to register for the 2020-2021 Religious Education Year! To register your children, please fill out the registration form and mail it to Our Lady of Fatima Parish. The form can be found here.

For all grades, we will be offering 2 options for Religious Education this year: 

  1. The Hybrid Option: weekly alternating on-site and online classes using the Faith and Life book series for grades 1-8. For example, if you are scheduled for on-site classes Oct. 4 and 25, then Oct. 11 and Oct. 25 are online.


  1. The Online Option: weekly online classes through the Faith and Life Online program with in-person classes held twice during the year.

For a quick preview of the online program, just go to the parish website and click on “Click Here to Preview the New Faith and Life Online Program” in the Children Formation section under the Formation tab. 

Important: There will be a mandatory parent meeting for all parents to go over the Online Program, the expectations, and the schedule the students will be expected to follow with the Online and Hybrid Options this year. Due to necessary social distancing requirements, we ask that parents of 1st-3rd graders attend the one on October 1 at 7:00pm, the parents of 4th-6th graders attend the meeting on October 2 at 7:00pm, and the parents of 7th & 8th graders attend the meeting on October 2 at 8:00pm.  These meetings will be in the Gym.

Understanding the care that is needed for classroom safety, we will be diligently following all sanitation and social distance requirements for the protection of your children. 

In order to help you through these difficult times we have reduced this year’s tuition, which includes the cost of the textbook and the online license, to be:

Discounted Rate (if paid by Sep 11)
1 child: $1502 or more children: $100/child

Regular Rate (if paid after Sep 11)
1 child: $200
2 or more children: $150/child

At this point, we plan to continue our usual schedule for classes. However, please note the new time for Sunday morning classes: 

Sunday 10:15-11:45am (Grades 1-6)
Monday 4:00-5:15pm (Grades 1-6) and 7:00-8:15pm (Grades 7-8)

We appreciate receiving all registration forms by September 11 in order to have adequate time to prepare for an excellent Religious Education year. Thank you for your cooperation as we work together to educate your children in the Catholic Faith and I look forward to hearing from you! I pray that you and your families stay SAFE!