Holy Week Events

Mar 25 - Mar 31 Lent/Easter

Palm Sunday, March 25

Regular Sunday schedule & Saturday Vigil Mass with Solemn Blessing of Palms

Holy Monday, March 26

7:00am and 9:00am Masses

Holy Tuesday, March 27

7:00am and 9:00am Masses

Holy Wednesday, March 28

  • 7:00am and 9:00am Masses
  • 6:00pm Seder Supper in Cafeteria

Holy Thursday, March 29

  • 9:00am Morning Prayer
  • 7:00pm Solemn Mass of the Lord's Supper followed by Eucharistic Adoration
  • 11:00 pm Holy Hour
  • 9:30pm Holy Thursday - 12:00pm on Good Friday Pabasa (Singing of the Passion in Tagalog) in Cafeteria

Good Friday, March 30

  • 9:00am Morning Prayer
  • 12:00pm Stations of the Cross
  • 3:00pm The Passion of The Lord

Holy Saturday, March 31

  • 9:00am Morning Prayer
  • 12:00pm Blessing of Food in Cafeteria
  • 8:00pm Solemn Easter Vigil Mass